The P92-JS is a two-seater side by side, single strut braced, high wing aircraft.The aircraft’s outstanding performance and flying qualities together with low operating costs, easy piloting and maintenance, make this aircraft an excellent choice for flying schools and training activities and also for many other missions such as touring, territory surveillance, patrol, etc.

The option to use AVGAS 100LL or unleaded MOGAS ASTM D4814-EN/228 SUPER make the P92 JS even more flexible and economical. The P92-JS has been type certified in December 2001 in compliance with CSVLA.

The engine and propeller are certified to FAR 33. Several well known research institutes have chosen the JS as a platform for
research into automated systems for conducting flight and environmental research and are very satisfied with it.




• The Tecnam line employs a monocoque tail cone section with the forward fuselage using sheet aluminium
over steel tubing.

• The wing is an all aluminium conventional structure with a single strut.

• The fuel tanks hold 11.9 gal/45l each, located in the wing leading edge separated from the fuselage
for safety.

• A wide rear window together with large side windows complete the extraordinary visibility allowing 360° of
vision in the cockpit.

• The all moving Stabilator is fitted with a trim tab controlled by buttons on the control column.

• The excellent flying characteristic with neutral handling makes it extremely stable and easy to fly for
people of any weight/height.

• The large flaps are deployed electrically and allow a stall speed lower than 38 kts (70km/h).

• The low stall speed and the general slow flying characteristics of the aircraft allows it to operate with ease
on short runways.


• Seats are adjustable and increase in height as they are moved forward.

• The luggage area allowing for 44 pounds/20 kg of weight is located behind the seats with easy access
in flight.

• All Tecnam aircraft have dual control sticks, throttles and rudder pedals.

• The trim tab and the flaps are electrically activated with a position indicator on the instrument panel.

• The fresh air vents are conveniently located in the doors.

• Heat and defrost are standard.

• The aircraft has dual conventional rudder pedals with a steerable nose wheel.

• The wide conventional instrument panel allows fitment of a broad range of IFR equipment, in addition to
standard VFR training requirements.

• The interior is spacious, ergonomic and comfortable.

Landing gears:

• The main landing gear legs are made of spring steel, directly connected to the main structure.
The landing gear is robust enough for rough strips and require no maintenance.

• The trailing link nose gear uses a rubber shock absorber system that was designed for the rigours of the
training environment with easy and economical maintenance.

• The main landing gear wheels and brakes are conventional aircraft size (5.00×5)

• The brake lever control and the parking brake are located forward between the seats.

Engine & propeller:

• The top and bottom engine cowls are quickly and easily removable making any maintenance easier to accomplish. The top cowl has 2 large hinged openings for easy access to the engine compartment, without the need for tools to allow effective pre-flight inspections.

• The engine mount is steel-tubing with the engine on shock mounts. It also supports the nose wheel
that is not anchored directly to the cabin’s structure.

• The power plant is a Rotax 912 S2 series certified to FAR 33 four-cylinder, fourstroke engine.

• The engine is a partially liquid and partially air cooled engine with an integral 1:2.4286 reduction gearbox.

• A fixed pitch wood and composite Hoffmann propeller certified to FAR 33 comes as standard.

• The quick drain gascolator is installed in the engine compartment with easy outside access.

• Drain taps for purging the fuel tanks are fitted to the underside of the wing.

• All electrical circuits are protected by circuit breakers.

• The battery is located in the rear of the fuselage with easy access through a hinged door.
There is also an external auxiliary power socket.

Standard equipment:

Fly instrument and indicators Engine and warning instruments
Magnetic Compass
Airspeed Ind., Kts
Altimeter (In)
Vertical Speed
Attitude Electric Gyro
Directional Electric Gyro
Turn And Bank Indicator
Flaps Indicator
Pitot System
Static System
Stabilator Trim Position Indicator
Rpm Indicator
Hour Recorder
Oil Press
Oil Temp.
Head Temp.
Fuel Press.
Manifold Pressure
Lh + Rh Fuel Qty  Chronometer
O.A.T. Indicator
Generator Warning Light
Vacuum Suction Gauge
Fly controls Electrical and fuel system
Hydraulic Brakes
Parking Brake
Electrical Flaps
Dual Flight Controls
Steerable Nose Wheel
Stabilator Trim (Electric Actuated
From Stick)  Engine Controls:
– Throttle, Two
– Carburetor Heat
– Choke  Flight Trim Controls:
– Stabilator With Indicator
Fuel Control Selector With On/Off
Panel Switches:
– Starter
– Fuel Pump
– Engine Lh And Rh Ignition Switches
Electrical system:  12 Volt 18A Amp. Battery
12 Volt Alternators-20 Amp.
Switches – Nav. Lights
– Landing Light
– Strobe Light
External Power Supply Receptable
Circuit Breaker Panel
Fuel system:  Two Integral Fuel Tanks With 100
Litres Total Capacity
Engine Driven Fuel Pump
Auxiliary Fuel Pumps, Electric
Fuel Quick Drain
Interior Engine  and Propeller
Pilot And Copilot Seats
(Adjustable Fore And Aft) Seat Belts & Shoulder Harness All Seats Wall To Wall Carpeting Luggage CompartmentsFire ExtinguisherRadio Call PlateSoundproofingFirst Aid Kit
Engines :
1 Rotax 912S2 100 Hp, 4 Cylinders
Liquid/Air Cooled,
Integrated Reduction Gear
Dual Ignition System
Throttle Control Lh/Rh
Tubular Steel Engine Mount Propeller Hoffmann, 2 Blade Fix
Propeller Spinner
Air Filter
Oil Filter
Oil And Water Coolers
Carburetor Heat With Manual Control
Thermostat Valve
Exterior and Cabin Comfort system Product Support / Document
 Epoxy Corrosion Proofing,
All Structure
Two Doors With Lock And Key (Only Lh)
Rear Window
Tie Down Rings
Main Wheels,
5,00 X 5
Nose Wheel, 4,00 X 6 Exterior Lights:
Nav. Lights
Vertical Tail Strobe
Taxi Light Cab in Confort System:
Windshield Defroster:
Ventilator Adjustable, 2 Place
Heating System:
Ventilator Adjustable, 2 Place
Manufacturers Full Two Year Limited Warranty Pilots Operation Handbook Maintenance Manual Parts CatalogAircraft Log BookEngine Log Book


Wings Wing Span 8,7 M 28,5 FT
Wing Area 12 M² 129 SQFT
Fuselage Length 6,4 M 21 FT
Height 2,5 M 8,2 FT

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