P2006-T MMA

The best price multi-fuel platform
Sensor Payload up to 170 KG // Best Economy
Lowest Direct Operating Cost // Min. Mission Speed: 64 KIAS


This IFR multi-fuel aircraft brings a totally new perspective to the airborne surveillance and remote sensing market. It inspires with its unbeatable low operating costs, simplicity of systems and world-wide maintainability while offering superior sensor payload and endurance. When evaluating different general aviation platforms for designing a special mission aircraft – the twin engine aircraft from TECNAM – called P2006T – was very impressive from the first glance. Especially for its independency of Avgas fuel, endurance of more than 8 hours and enormous cabin space which results in sensor and mission equipment flexibility. To transform this P2006T general aviation aircraft into a special mission aircraft, the team of Airborne Technologies had to add a number of modifications like: additional electrical power (a separate 28V/70Amps electrical mission supply), a retractable sensor system and an integrated pilot flight guidance system/sensor operator workstation. All modifications and integration of sensors (up to 170 kilo) on the aircraft are developed and certified (STC-base) by Airborne Technologies. The branding of this special aircraft is TECNAM MMA (TECNAM Multi Mission Aircraft) and TECNAM’s well established dealer network for worldwide distribution and service is an important part of the cooperation agreement between the two companies. So far observation and mapping missions have been reserved to bigger FAR part 23 and part 25 aircraft. But the trend to miniaturize electronic sensor equipment and expand new technologies of sensing (f.e. hyper/multispectral sensing) is enabling this major step forward to cost effective multi mission aircraft.


385 kg Max Payload

170 kg Crew (Pilot + Operator each 85 kg)

21 kg Sensor Equipment (L3-MX10 or Flir UltraForce 350)

16 kg Sensor Lift

18 kg Uplink System (e.g. Scotty Satcom Rack)

6 kg Downlink System (e.g. Gigawave LOS)

10 kg Operator Workstation + Moving Map (e.g. Euroavionics)

5 kg Tactical Communication HF-Radio

139 kg Fuel for 5 h+


– Independent mission power supply system 70 Amps @ 28 Volts (6 electric busses – 14/28 Volts, switchable)

– Separate mission battery / separate ground power socket

– Individual and multifunctional operator desk

– Hatch with retractable sensor support

– Passive surveillance painting

– air superiority grey

– Lowest noise emission

– Hard points for various antenna installations

– STOL and rough runway operation

– Field proven Rotax engine, world wide support network

– Ground air condition system (optional)

– Oxygen system (optional)

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